CRL B5A Series Aluminum Mill Hole Pattern "D" Bottom Mount SurfaceMate® Square Base Shoe - B5A10D

  • Adjustable Angle Base Shoe and Shimming System for Dry Glazing 1/2" (12 mm) Monolithic Tempered Glass
  • Drilled and Counter Bored 12" (305 mm) Center-to-Center, or We Will Custom Drill to Your Specifications
  • Custom Cutting and Mitering Service Available
  • 6063 Alloy - T52 Temper

This CRL B5A Series Surfacemate® Square Base Shoe is used as the base channel for glass railing systems. It can be clad in several choices of architectural finishes. The most critical component in a railing system is the proper attachment of the base shoe to the substrate. CRL has engineered and tested a variety of attachment methods, and has developed an acceptable combination of drilling patterns and fasteners.

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