CRL Mill Aluminum 9BL Series Standard Square Base Shoe - Undrilled 118-1/8" Length - 9BL68

  • For 11/16" (17.52 mm) Laminated Tempered Glass (8 x 1.52 x 8 mm)
  • Designed and Engineered for 2015 IBC Code Changes
  • 30% Lighter Than Industry Standard Base Shoe
  • Meets and Exceeds 200lb Load With a 4x Safety Factor

This CRL 9BL68 Series Square Base Shoe is the same profile as our standard L68S Series, but it is 30% lighter, which means it is more price competitive, environmentally friendly, and will reduce your shipping costs. Designed to work with CRL's patented TAPER-LOC® System, 9BL can be easily cut to the required length using a chop saw with a minimum 10" (254 mm) diameter blade for aluminum cutting.

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