CRL Mill Aluminum L21S Series Standard Square Base Shoe Undrilled 118-1/8" Length - L21S10

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  • For 27/32" (21.52 mm) Laminated Tempered Glass (10 x 1.52 x 10 mm)
  • Typically Used as the Base Channel for Laminated Glass Railing Systems
  • Custom Cutting and Mitering Service
  • Test Reports Available
  • CRL Recommends Consulting with the Glass Fabricator Prior to Wet Setting Laminated Tempered Glass

The CRL L21S Series Laminated Square Base Shoe is used as the base channel for glass railing systems. It can be clad in four choices of architectural finishes. The most critical component in a railing system is the proper attachment of the Base Shoe to the substrate. CRL has engineered a variety of attachment methods, and has developed an acceptable combination of drilling patterns and fasteners. A printed brochure with instructions, installation hints, cleaning, and refinishing techniques is available.

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