CRL TAPER-LOC® X1 Taper Sets for 27/32" Laminated Tempered Glass - LTL10X1

  • The Best Choice for Stadiums, Condos, or Areas Trying to Avoid the Hazard of Broken Glass Falling to Lower Levels
  • Designed to Fit CRL's L21S and 9BL21 Laminated Glass Base Shoes Only
  • Two-Piece Taper Design
  • For Use with 27/32" (21.52 mm) Laminated Tempered Glass
  • Reinforced Polymer Suitable for Interior and Exterior Use
  • U.S. Patents 8,122,654 and 8,201,366. Commonwealth of Australia Patents 2008207524 and 2012202256

CRL's TAPER-LOC® 'X' Taper Sets for 27/32" (21.52 mm) laminated tempered glass are made up of two Tapers and one L-Setting Block. Engineering grade polymer tapers expand in thickness when compressed together with the Cat. No. TLK12 Installation/Removal Tool, mechanically locking the glass panel into the base shoe.

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