CRL TAPER-LOC® XAL Adjustable Taper Set for 27/32" (21.52 mm) Laminated Tempered - XL21LT

  • Easy Vertical Glass Angle Adjustment Up to 3/4" (19 mm)
  • Compatible With Our Base Shoes and Safety Seals
  • Meets and Exceeds Building Code Pull Out Force Requirements
  • Available for Use With 11/16" or 27/32" (17.52 and 21.52 mm) Laminated Tempered Glass

CRL's TAPER-LOC® 'XAL' Taper Sets for 11/16" and 27/32" (17.52 and 21.52 mm) laminated tempered glass are made up of one Setting Base/Drop-Side Taper, and one Front Side Taper. Tapers are made of high strength reinforced engineering grade polymer, and expand in thickness when compressed together with Cat. No. TLK12 Installation/Removal Tool, mechanically locking the glass panel into the Base Shoe.

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