CRL Black 5/8" Open Cell Backer Rod - 100 Foot Roll - B0CBR58C

  • Open Cell, No Skin, Non-Gassing Rod is Compatible with All Cold-Applied Sealants
  • Controls Depth of Sealant and Acts as a Bond Breaker
  • Soft, Black Color Rod Compresses Easily

CRL Open Cell Backer Rod is soft, round, and easily compressible open cell polyurethane foam. Open Cell Backer Rod is not adversely affected by dynamic joint movement, and its inherent flexibility applies itself to joint variations very easily. It is ideal for use in situations where joint damage has occurred. It eliminates potential sealant failures due to out gassing that occurs when the "skin" of closed cell backer rod is punctured. The black color helps to disguise the backer rod in certain joint applications. CRL Open Cell Backer Rod can be used in temperatures from -65° to 400°F (-54° to 204°C). It is highly recommended for use with high performance sealants such as silicones and urethanes. CRL Open Cell Backer Rod should be used only in vertical and horizontal wall joints. It is not suitable for horizontal traffic joint surfaces like pavement joints.

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