CRL SureClose® Hydraulic Gate Hinge-Closer - HC1500BL

  • 1500 Pound Weight Capacity for Two Hinge Closers
  • Adjustable Closing Speed
  • Final Snap Close Action
  • Mounting Brackets and Fasteners Included
  • A.D.A. Compliant

The CRL SureClose® Hydraulic Gate Hinge-Closer is for ARS and AWS Gates. This internal powerful Hyrdraulic Gate Hinge-Closer is designed for smooth, even closure under different weights with a final snap-close feature. Closing speed and final snap-close feature is fully adjustable. Designed for 1500 pound (680 kg) maximum weight capacity. Contact Railing Technical Sales if the gate exceeds 1500 pounds (680 kg) or 40" (1016 mm) in width. Installation instructions included.

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