CRL PAL Plumb/Angle/Level Locator Laser Tool - 406065

CA$641.96 Save 10%
  • Front Laser Beam for Quick Transference of Reference Points
  • LCD Displays Level or Angle
  • Audible Indicator

The CRL PAL Plumb/Angle/Level Locator Laser Tool is the most advanced Level and Angle Finder in the industry. The bright and clear LCD indicator shows both degrees of level or percent of level; at the same time when the pivot arm is lifted the indicator reads degrees of angle. When this level is turned upside down to determine level of a header or overhead beam the LCD screen automatically inverts right side up for easy reading. There is a powerful built-in laser, which makes transference of level points a snap. There is also an audible tone when the unit is in perfect level or plumb. This unit is easily field calibrated for level, and the entire tool operates with just three "AA" batteries (included).

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