• BP350

CRL Bosch® Laser Mounting Pole - BP350

Finishe: CRL Bosch® Laser Mounting Pole - BP350
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  • Adjustable Laser Level Mounting Platform
  • Telescoping Pole


  • CRL Bosch® Laser Mounting Pole - BP350
  • CRL Bosch® 5-Point Laser Level - GPL5

The CRL Bosch® Laser Level Mounting Pole is a handy tool for quickly positioning your laser level. The extending pole comes with an adjustable height mounting platform so you can adjust the height of your level quickly and easily. To set up you simply extend the pole from floor to ceiling, locking it into place. The top of the pole has a ball-jointed head plate to conform to most sloping ceilings. Both the top and bottom of the pole have an anti-slip surface for secure placement. Next, mount your laser level onto the mounting platform and tighten the 1/4"-20 threaded locking stud. Loosen the clamp on the mounting platform and move up or down to the desired height. The telescopic pole adjustment range is from 54" to 138" (1.37 to 3.51 m).

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