CRL "Best Friend" Shower Door Installation Assistant - SDBF1

CA$1,049.05 Save 10%
  • Replaces Second Man on Many Shower Door Installations
  • Stabilizes Any Size Panel in a Vertical Position
  • Works Inside or Outside of Enclosure
  • Adjustable Length and Angles
  • Includes Our S338 Vacuum Lifter

The CRL "Best Friend" Shower Door Installation Assistant works to stabilize and hold shower enclosure panels in place during set-up and installation, permitting a single glazier to perform the work of two. Set the glass, adjust and attach the "Best Friend", and you can be sure of the panel being held in the exact position you intended. Slight in-and-out adjustments can be accomplished by simply loosening the lock ring on the top arm and adjusting the extension tube. The extension tube length is adjustable from a minimum of 15" (381 mm) to a maximum length of 60" (1.52 m).

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