• 31M8215SA
  • 31M8215SN
  • 31M8215SA
  • 31M8215SN

CRL Brite Chrome Glass-to-Glass Hinge - 31M8215CH

  • For Self-Closing Glass Doors from 5/16" to 9/16" (8 to 13.52 mm) Thick
  • Aluminum Body in Your Choice of Three Finishes: Brite Chrome, Brushed Satin, and Satin Anodized
  • Hold Open or No Hold Open Models
  • Adjustable Closing Speed
  • A Great Alternative to Floor Closers and Patch Fittings


  • SATIN ANODIZED - CRL Satin Anodized Vernon 180º Glass-to-Glass Hinge - 31M8215SA
  • BRUSHED SATIN NICKEL - CRL Brushed Satin Nickel Vernon 180º Glass-to-Glass Hinge - 31M8215SN

This CRL 180º Glass-to-Glass Hinge swings in and out a full 90º, with stop at 0º. Closing speed can be adjusted. For doors up to 39" (1 m) wide. Maximum weight per two hinges is 176 lbs. (80 kg).

Other Finishes:


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