CRL-Blumcraft® Brushed Stainless Right Hand Rail Mount Cylinder/Thumbturn 'D' Top Secured Deadbolt Exterior Handle for 5/8" Glass -

CA$4,816.85 Save 10%
    For 5/8" (16 mm) Tempered Glass Doors

This CRL Glass Door Deadbolt Handle is designed to allow maximum view and a contemporary look to 3/4" (19 mm) tempered glass doors. Installations can be made on single or double doors. For your convenience, we have designed the handles so they are ready-to-install on 36" to 48" (914 mm to 1.22 m) wide doors ranging in height from 90" to 102" (2.29 to 2.59 m) high without modifications. Keyed Lock standard on interior and exterior side of handle. Optional thumbturn to replace keyed lock. Custom Headers available with your choice of pre-installed hardware. Dustproof Strike available for doors secured at bottom.

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