CRL70 Series Synchronized Wall Mount Bi-Parting Slider Kit - CRL70S2

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  • Wall Mount Bi-Parting Slider Kit
  • Wall and Ceiling Mount Kits Available for 5/16" to 1/2" (8 to 12 mm) Tempered Glass
  • Use Monolithic Tempered Glass
  • Can Accommodate Doors Weighing Up to 275 Pounds (125 kg), Maximum Door Width of 29-1/2" (750 mm)

This configuration of the CRL70 Series Slider is used when synchronized movement of the two bi-parting panels is required with the top track mounted to a structural ceiling. Kits contain stock lengths measuring 118" (3 m) in length and therefore must ship common carrier. Kits can be combined for quantity pricing. NOTE: Laminated glass should not be used with the CRL70 Series Kits.

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