CRL285 Series "Softbrake" Braking System Kit - CRL285SBK

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  • Intended for Use With CRL285 Series Slider Kits
  • Cushions the Opening and Closing of Sliding Panels
  • Rated for Doors Weighing Up to 176 Pounds (80 kg)
  • No Notches or Holes Required in the Glass for Installation

The CRL285 Series "Softbrake" Braking System comes standard with all CRL285 Series Sliding Door Kits. The "Softbrake" acts during the final 4" (102 mm) of travel, and gently cushions the opening and closing of the sliding panel to prevent accidental impact against the frame or adjacent panel. One "Softbrake" is required for each direction of travel to be controlled per panel. Minimum sliding panel width of 25-1/2" (650 mm) for control in a single direction; 39-3/8" (1 m) for control in both directions of travel.

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