CRL Chrome 'Y' Style Three-Way 120 Degree Display Connector - ZLC8CH

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  • Diecast Metal for Strength
  • Available in Chrome and Brass
  • For 1/8" to 3/16" (3 to 5 mm) Tempered Glass

CRL 'Y' Style Three-Way 120 Degree Display Connectors are the most popular method of connecting 3/16" (5 mm) tempered glass for modular display systems. Three-Way 120 Degree Connectors are used for connecting three lites at a 120 degree angle. Use any combination of our diecast zinc alloy connectors with tempered glass or plastic to create beautiful fixture cube merchandisers. Use the total combination of hinges, hasps, 120 degree and adjustable connectors. Design possibilities are unlimited since cubes or hexagonals can be combined to create a variety of attractive displays.

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