CRL Brushed Stainless Steel Frame Interior Glazed Exchange Window with 18" Shelf and Deal Tray - S11W18S

  • Standard Inset Frame Incorporates Surround Sound and Built-In Non-Ricochet Bullet Resistant Deal Tray
  • Surround Sound System Allows Natural Voice Transmission
  • Drawings and Specifications are Available Online

CRL Interior Glazed Standard Inset Frame Windows with Surround Sound Voice Transmission System, plus Stainless Steel Shelf with Non-Ricochet Bullet Resistant Deal Tray. The stainless steel frame is intended for installation into walls at least 4-7/8" (124 mm) thick. Typical shelf depths are 12" (305 mm) and 18" (457 mm). The 18" (457 mm) shelf gives customer a convenient writing surface. Securing the frame to the wall requires the removal and installation of the glazing material and spacer blocks. Customer specifies overall width and height when ordering.

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