CRL Brushed Stainless Rotary Server with Vision Panel - RSVW1

CA$1,951.68 Save 10%
  • Level 1 Bullet Resistant Protection
  • Drum Rotates 180 Degrees
  • Vision Panel Allows View of Contents Before Drum is Turned

The CRL Rotary Server with Vision Panel is constructed of stainless steel, bullet resistant plastic, and 1-1/4" (32 mm) Level 1 Acrylic for the vision panel. The unit rotates 180 degrees by turning the crank handle. In the locked position the stainless steel drum is turned to the customer for maximum security. Vision Panel allows for viewing contents. Unit is weatherstripped for outdoor use and provides Level 1 bullet resistant protection. Drum extends behind and in front of the unit, and is 15-1/4" (387 mm) in diameter. Interior will hold larger items such as a six pack of beverages, or a gallon of milk.

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