CRL Round Level 1 Clear-Vision Bullet Resistant Acrylic Speak-Thru - CAD101

CA$392.92 Save 10%
  • Disc Overlap Prevents Direct Entry of Projectiles While Allowing Natural Voice Transmission
  • Virtually Unobstructed Vision
  • 1 Protection Level

CRL Clear Vision Bullet Resistant Speak-Thrus offer two levels of protection, and provide a clear field of vision. The units are easy-to-install, and designed for use with plastic glazing materials only. Drill a 6" (152 mm) diameter hole in the bullet resistant window, surrounded by three 5/16" (8 mm) holes spaced at 120 degrees on a 7-1/2" (190 mm) diameter (template included). Secure the 10" (254 mm) Acrylic or Lexgard® Disc using the Stainless Steel Studs provided with the unit. The space between the window and disc allows for clear voice transmission. The 10" (254 mm) disc provides enough overlap to prevent direct entry of projectiles. Cat. No. CDS3S Studs Sets are also available for customers preferring to fabricate their own discs. Intended for interior use only.

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