CRL Bullet Resistant Glass Clad Polycarbonate (Protection Levels 1-8) - GCP0LY3A

  • Laminated With One Polycarbonate (Plastic) Surface
  • Thinner and Without the Greenish Tint of Traditional Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Lighter Than Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Fabricated to Your Size Requirements

CRL Level IIIa Bullet Resistant Laminated Polycarbonate has a N.I.J. Level IIIa Tested (Exceeds UL752 Level 3) protection rating. This rating indicates that the material will prevent penetration from a bullet fired from super power small arms (.44 Magnum; Submachine Gun 9 mm) at a range of 15' (4.6 m). For help in ordering, contact our Technical Sales Department.

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