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CRL Polished Stainless Steel 19-5/16" (490 mm) Convex Mirror - SSC19

Finishe: CRL Polished Stainless Steel 19-5/16" Convex Mirror - SSC19
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  • Provide a "Mirror Finished" Look
  • Withstand Extreme Outdoor Weather Conditions
  • Ideal Solution for Areas with High Risk of Vandalism
  • Virtually Unbreakable


  • CRL Polished Stainless Steel 19-5/16" Convex Mirror - SSC19
  • CRL Polished Stainless Steel 23-5/8" (600 mm) Convex Mirror - SSC24

CRL's Stainless Steel Convex Mirrors are made from quality stainless steel, precisely polished to perfection for a "mirror finished" look. They are the ideal solution for areas with a high risk of vandalism, pilferage, or aggressive industrial chemical atmosphere due to their outstanding weather and impact resistance. Stainless steel convex mirrors can be easily installed at road intersections and parking lots where there is a severe risk of accidental breakage. They are virtually unbreakable and require minimal maintenance, therefore producing cost-effective results in the long run when compared to other materials that may require regular maintenance or replacement. They have rapidly replaced mirrors of other materials for both indoor and outdoor applications for these reasons. Each mirror is individually packed, equipped with a swivel assembly that's adjustable to any position or angle, an adjustable mounting bracket, and installation instructions.

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