CRL Zinc Plated 1/4" HR Steel Stanchion 42" Long - PST6

CA$560.55 Save 10%
  • Zinc Plated to Prevent Corrosion
  • Available in Four Different Sizes for Round or Rectangular Windscreen Posts
  • Also Available in Stainless Steel for Coastal Region Installations

CRL AWS Core Mount Stanchions are available in Grade 50 Zinc Plated Steel for use with our AWS Windscreen Posts. Stanchions are recommended to be set into 8,000 psi concrete with a minimum of 4" (102 mm) embedment depth for a concrete slab. If installing the Stanchion into a block wall, allow a 15" (381 mm) minimum embedment depth. Sold six per package (individual Stanchions are not available).

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