CRL Cross-Line Self Leveling Laser Kit - LD200

336,07 $
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  • Self-Leveling within 3 Degrees, 49' (15 m) Range
  • Locking Mechanism Blocks Self Leveling and Locks Display
  • Vertical Line, Horizontal Line, or Both

The CRL LD200 Cross-Line Self Leveling Laser Kit is a compact, durable multi-application laser device that will be invaluable for nearly every glazing application. At the touch of a button the LD200 will project a vertical laser line, a horizontal laser line, or both at the same time. Accuracy of the plumb and level lines is rated at +/- 1.5 mm (1/16") at 16' (5 m) with an overall indoor range of 50' or 15 m. The LD200 self leveling feature sounds an audible alarm and begins flashing the laser beams if the device exceeds 3 degrees from true level. The LD200 also features a lock out function that locks the internal mirrors in place, blocking the self leveling function, this allows the perfect 'X' to be directed anywhere.


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