CRL Joint d'étanchéité « H » à ailette, verre de 9,5 mm (3/8 po) - P375HWS

6,86 $
6,17 $ Économisez 10%
  • Can be Used as a Bottom Sweep or Seal
  • 98" (2.49 m) Stock Lengths
  • Very Soft Twin Legs Seal While Providing Quieter Door Closure
  • Use Monolithic Tempered Glass

Our CRL Multi-Purpose 'H' Wipe with "Extra Soft" Twin Legs acts as a versatile seal that can be used either on the side or bottom of a door. Because of the very soft dual legs, quieter door closure can be expected, as opposed to closing into harder plastic seals. It is also easy to trim the very soft legs to accommodate your particular application.


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