CRL TAPER-LOC® XA Taper Set for Laminated Glass - TLXATSL

  • Allows for Glass Panel Angle Adjustment
  • Eliminates the Use of Messy Cement
  • Can Be Installed Using Our TLK5, TLK9 and TLK12 Installation/Removal Tools, So You Won't Have Any Extra Expense
  • For Interior and Exterior Use with CRL's L68S and L21S, Glass Railing Base Shoes
  • U.S. Patent Numbers 8,122,654 and 8,201,366; Commonwealth of Australia Patent Numbers 2008207524 and 2012202256

CRL's XA TAPER-LOC® Taper Set for 17.52 mm or 21.52 mm laminated glass is made up of two Tapers. Tapers are made of high strength reinforced nylon and aluminum. They expand in thickness when compressed together with the Cat. No. TLK12 Installation/Removal Tool, mechanically locking the glass panel into the base shoe. Not designed for Monolithic glazing. Minimum order is 20 Sets.

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