CRL Satin Anodized 3/8" Glass 4" Square Door Rail Without Lock - Custom Length - DR4SSA38C

Our innovative glass entrance system, the CRL Wedge-Lock® Door Rail System features the exclusive CRL Wedge-Lock® Securing System (U.S. Patents 6,434,905 and 6,912,818 B2, Canadian Patent 2,419,706, and European Patent No. EP 1 404 939 B1). A totally new concept for securing the glass in the door rail. It works by applying pressure from the bottom of the door rail, using two glass retaining aluminum extrusions via a flat stainless steel bar. As this bar is pulled down with socket head cap bolts, pressure is applied to the glass retaining aluminum extrusions. The bottom of the extrusions are at an angle and fit into an angled groove in the door rail. As the glass retaining extrusions are being pulled down, the angled wedge in the door rail also pulls the glass retaining extrusions together. This action, along with our specially designed door retaining gasket, creates a tremendous amount of force (more than 900 lbs.) in our 9" (228.6 mm) Corner Rail. That's 100 lbs. per inch. Imagine how much force is created in our full length 35-3/4" (908 mm) Door Rails!
Custom Length for 3/8" (10 mm) Glass
Use Monolithic Tempered Glass
Patented Wedge-Lock® Glass Securing System
Models to Fit from 3/8" to 3/4" (10 to 19 mm) Glass
Available in Several Stock Architectural Finishes - Custom Finishes Available
Available With and Without Locks
Matching Sidelite Rails Available

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