CRL Norcon 12V DC Standard Electronic Communicator Level 1 Bullet Resistant - TTU1DBX1


The CRL Norcon Bullet Resistant Thru-Glass Two-Way Electronic Communicator is a self-contained, easily installed device that allows clear, intelligible two-way conversation in locations where security must be maintained, with Level 1 ballistic protection. In its Auto-Mute mode the communicator is automatically activated when the clerk speaks for hands-free operation. You can select either the 115V AC model ("A" type), or the 12V DC battery powered model ("D" type). The new "X" Series models all have a removable gooseneck microphone.
Breaks the Acoustical Barrier with Clear, Reliable, Hands-Free Two-Way Conversation
Level 1 Ballistic Protection
Level 1 Model with Bolts for Glazing in 1-3/16"+/- Range
Use Extension Kit TTU1X for Custom Thicknesses

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